Maytag Model 92 Restoration

If you need a manual, you can get it here. Maytag manual.

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Here it is fresh out of the shipping crate. Click on thumbnail for larger picture.

This engine turns over and has good compression. It also has a lot of rust, so I will do a complete tear down.
I also want to see what make this little engine tick. :-)

I will spread this out over several pages to speed download time for those without  a high speed connection.

I have also added a few pictures while going together, showing things I missed, or did not do in the best order.
I have also changed the navigation at the bottom of each page. You can now move among the Maytag pages easier.

Let's get started!

Remove the pulley if you have one. See photo below. I didn't remove the pulley when I took my engine apart. This shows the flywheel back on while assembling the engine. I had to put it on so I could use a puller to remove the pulley.

Here is the flywheel with the adjustment cover removed. Notice the point adjustment bolt and the governed speed adjustment nut. 

The first step will be to remove the flywheel. Remove the cotter pin and loosen the nut so it is flush with the end of the crankshaft. Put a half inch extension against the end of the flywheel and hit it with a hammer to break the flywheel loose. Only took me one whack and it broke loose. 

Here is the back of the flywheel. This shows the governor assembly in the firing position. When engine speed is fast enough to overcome the spring tension, the arm pivots clockwise, and the points won't be opened. 
Here is the backing plate. Coil, condenser, and points are mounted to it. 

Remove the two screws for the plug wire retainer and the wire pulls out. Looks like a grommet and wire will be on my parts list. 

Note!!! Now is a good time to remove the backing plate. I didn't due to concerns I had about timing. This was my first one. 

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