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With the cover removed we have access to this tapered pin. Drive it out from the side with the split in it. It takes a couple good whacks to get it moving. Slide the housing off after the roll pin is out. 
This is how I decided to disassemble the engine. The backing plate could have been removed before removing the side cover. Four bolts hold the cover on. 
Backing plate, side cover ( bushing housing ) and crank removed from engine. The woodruff key on the tapered end of the crank has to be removed, and the crank will pull out. 
This shows the backing plate and bushing housing apart. The arrow on the right shows the screw to loosen. Once loose, tap gently on the front of housing to remove. 

My concern for backing plate to housing alignment is why I waited to separate them. As you can see in the photo, there is a notch in the housing that matches lug on the backing plate. The double arrow points to them. 

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