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As you can see much of the cleaning is done, and some parts are painted. 

This shows the gas tank apart. Six bolts hold it together. The crankcase is removed in this photo. It unbolts from the bottom of the gas tank top. 

Top of gas tank and crankcase ready to go back together. 
A few more parts in the paint booth. The broken plug came in handy for keeping paint out of the cylinder. I am using Krylon Hunter Green, and it is a close match to Maytag's original color. 
Here is the carburetor disassembled. Blue lines and arrows show approximately where parts go. 
a) body, b)air intake screen and washer
c)lockwasher for d)air valve nut with e)air valve spring and 
f) air valve. Install spring, valve, washer, and screw into base of body. 
i)fuel pickup, h)checkvalve, g)screen. Install check valve into pickup, then screw screen into pickup. Be careful not to lose the check valve. Early models used check ball. Fuel pickup assembly screws into base of body. Same place it came from. 
j)needle valve spring and pointer. 

Air valve seat is still in body. It can be removed. Do check seat for wear as well as air valve face. 

Thanks to "Maytag Mark" for help with the carb!

Here is the carb back together. 
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