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Once again the pictures of this step are incomplete. I looked like a one legged man in a butt kicking contest when I did this step. I recommend a helper to hold the engine. 

Rotate engine so the flywheel is down, gently install the four balls in the starter ratchet and install the starter gear and the cotter pin to hold it in place. 

DO NOT use grease to hold the balls in place. They must be free to move. You will smile when you accomplish this step. 

We didn't take this apart until now, but it needs to be done. Remove the screw and take the pedal off the starter cranking gear. Mine was over tightened and the spring was junk. Kept things in place, but not the way to do it. 

Clean it, paint it, and see the next frame. 

Here it is ready to be installed. I used high temp bearing grease on all moving parts. Just a smear for lube and it will last for another 70 years. 
Pedal start assembly slide over shaft and again a film of high temp grease on the shaft. 
Install the return spring. Both ends are held in place by cotter pins. Now is the time to adjust the brake tension on the pedal. Tighten the screw shown above so the pedal will stay upright and have a little resistance when moved down to the starting position. 
Install the cover. Same bolts as when disassembled. One long tank bolt, and the square headed bolt on the shaft. Arrows show the location. 
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