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This area will always be under construction as I attempt to restore this walk behind tractor. As you will see in the photos, this tractor has been modified extensively. I hope to find the parts I need to bring it back to it's original condition. If not, it will still be fun to play with.

I am still researching this machine and welcome any and all input and help in this area. From what I have found this was a Universal Red E manufactured by Pioneer. That's about all I know at present. Feel free to contact me if you know more.

Update 8/26/2003:
 I had my tractor up and running great. Cleaned the fuel system, changed the plug wire, and tinkered a bit more to lite it. I wanted to run it a few more times before the winter set in, and then a full rebuild. Unfortunately it didn't lite on the last attempt. I figured the points had closed up again and went about setting them. When I turned the flywheel I noticed no compression, and no valve movement. A closer look showed broken cast iron on the garage floor.

I removed the flywheel and my heart sank. The flywheel had been repaired at one time. The repair failed, and I need another flywheel. I can't justify the cost of trying to repair the flywheel I have, so will search for another. For now this project is on hold as I look for a flywheel. Check back now and then.


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