The Sattley Pages

I continue my work on the history of the engines sold by Montgomery Ward and Co. This included the Sattley line and can be found in the Ward Catalog section of the site. This work will continue, but has now slowed due to the restoration of one of the Sattleys. Brand new and long awaited it is now online. Follow it as I do it, and check back often.
Photos of my Sattleys when I brought 
them home, including a few details of 
how original, or not, they were. Click 
on thumbnail for larger view and more

The Sattley Restoration
has begun. No time frame on this, 
so come back often and as always,
Enjoy what I can share. 
Hope it helps you in some way. 

1918 Sattley Catalog

Click the picture to the left to see this 
great piece of history. 

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