A Brief History of the gasoline,
kerosene, and steam engines sold by
Montgomery Ward and Co
from 1898-1930

I have compiled this information using several sources. My primary source is the copies of the original Montgomery Ward and company catalogs. I am also using what I will refer to as the BYB in this work. The BYB is: "American Gasoline Engines since 1872" by C.H. Wendel. This book is considered the "bible" of stationary gas engines sold in the United States of America. I am also relying on help from those on the stationary engine lists at ATIS and Oldengines. My sincere thanks to all that helped me with this work.

Every effort has been made to insure accuracy, yet there may be some mistakes. I found that some of the catalog pages I ordered are missing. I tried to strike a balance between download speed and quality of the information I present. I hope you enjoy the work in progress. Comments are always welcome. This ain't rocket science so jump right in and enjoy!
Mullen Engine

This appears to be a steam engine offered in 4 and 10 hp ratings. Listed in the 1899 catalog. 

Racine Engines

These engines came in 3/4 and 2 hp versions. They appear similar in design. Listed on the 1898-1899 catalog. 

Thornward Upright

The only listing I find for this engine was in 1899. Offered in 1-30 horsepower rating. Click the picture to the right for a larger view, or see the full page add. (large file)

Reading Vertical Engine and Boiler

This steam engine was sold from 1900 to about 1909. I don't know who made it. All of the adds appear to be the same, so there is only one picture of this add. The first add for this lists it as a Kriebel engine, but it looks to be the same engine. 

Thornward Horizontal

This engine appears to be a Foos built engine. It was offered in 1900-1901 in 3-15 horsepower ratings. Large scan and not the best quality, but well worth a look. 

The Little Giant Engines
The Little Giant engines  started in the 1900 catalog with the 1 HP horizontal engine. This appears to be Cavanaugh & Darley engine.  Little Giant 1 horsepower 1900-1905
The Little Giant 2 1/2 horsepower engine was first offered in 1901 and this model appeared for one year. The 1902 version was much different and also lasted one year. The 1903-1905 engine appears to be a Cavanaugh & Darley built engine. The BYB mentions that Cavanaugh & Darley adds disappeared around 1905. That would explain the end of the 1 hp version, and the change in the 2 1/2 hp version. The last Little Giant engines were sold from 1906-1910 and offered with 2 1/2, 3 1/2, and 4 horsepower ratings. Note the change in the base and fuel tank in the 1908 and 1910 engines. The last engines had the fuel tank between the cooling tank and the engine instead of the base. 

Little Giant 1901

Little Giant 1902

Little Giant 1903-1905

Little Giant 1906-1908?

Little Giant 1910

The Big Giant Engines

The Big Giant horizontal engine line started in 1907. The first year engine was offered with 5, 8, and 12 horsepower rating, and it appears this model was only sold for one year. 

The next Big Giant, offered in 1908 appears to be made by Holiday Manufacturing & Engineering Co. Note the counterweight cast in the flywheel. This engine was offered for one or two years. I have no 1909 catalogs at present. 

The last of the Big Giant engines was offered in 1910. This engine may have been offered in 1909 also. Notice the counterweight is not cast into the flywheel. I don't know who made this engine. 


First Big Giant 1907

Second Big Giant 1908- perhaps 1909
Last Big Giant Engine in 1910


The Always Ready Engines
The Always Ready engines first sold in 1907. It was offered in 2 and 5 horsepower ratings. These engines were sold until 1910 or 1911. This add shows an example of an Always Ready on the farm. Possibly a
Kalamazoo, Burtt Mfg. Co. engine. 


The Bronson Engine

This hopper cooled engine was offered in 1910, and may have continued into 1911. I am missing some 1911 data. This was a 2 horsepower engine and appears the same as the Burtt Mfg. Co. engine in the BYB. 


The Admiral Marine Engine

This is another engine offered for one or two years starting in 1910. It was available in 1 3/4-16 horsepower with 1-4 cylinder models.

The Invincible Engines

These engines were offered in 3 1/2 and 5 horsepower ratings in 1910 through part of 1912. 

In 1912 a 1 1/2 horsepower model was also offered, but it was clearly a different engine. 

Early Late
The Neward Engines

This engine line had a four year run from 1910-1914. They were offered in 1 1/2-12 horsepower ratings. I have included a full page add for this engine if you have a high speed connection. Very large file. The link at the photo to the right is a picture of the engine only. 

The Dairy Maid Engines

These 1 horsepower engines came in both a water (hopper) cooled, and an air cooled version. They were sold from 1913-about 1916. The add says they are "particularly adapted to Women's Work."

The Bulls Eye Engines

This line of engines started about 1911 and continued until approx. 1916. They were horizontal hopper cooled engines and offered in horsepower rating from 2 to 13 over the years. The BYB mentions that they were made by Jacobson. I will have to dispute that fact at present. The engines are not the same. 

The Racine-Sattley Engines

This line of engines started about 1916. All were horizontal hopper cooled and offered in both gas and kerosene models. All models were available with a Webster mag, and some offered a battery and coil option. 

Many also came with the patented three speed governor that allowed speed changes while running. 

The catalog states that this line was manufactured by Montgomery Ward and Co. in their engine plant. Who designed this engine is unknown to me at this time. Was it a Racine engine that Ward bought the rights to, or perhaps a Nelson engine? Any help is appreciated on this. 

The Sattley Engines

In 1918 the Sattley line of engines started their long run that would continue until 1933 or later. There are many variations over the years including the "New Sattley" and a small air cooled model in the 1933 catalog.

The first Sattley engines were very similar to the Racine-Sattley engines. The decal on the engine changed, but it appears that is all. It is also quite clear that Montgomery Ward's did manufacture these engines. The 1918 Sattley engine catalog shows the Ward's engine plant.

Check back soon. I am currently sorting through all the Sattley data to insure accuracy as best as possible.

Thanks to list members John, George Best, and Mike Barnes for helping me identify some of the engines.