Old Engines and Other Stuff

Presented by Ken & Larry (the Evans Brothers)

This site is devoted to images of engines and other things we own and display as well
as those of others that we think will be of interest to collectors and
other interested parties.

Of particular interest to us is the 1911 50 hp. Fairbanks Morse type RE (shown below)
located on the grounds of the Mt. Wilson Observatory in the mountains above Pasadena,
California that we were able to refurbish and get running in February of 2000.

50 HP. Fairbanks Morse

More 50 HP. Fairbanks Morse

Unknown Generator Set

High Sierra Mining Equipment

3 HP. Fairbanks Morse Restoration
    Page 2 of Restoration
    Page 3 of Restoration
    Page 4 of Restoration
    Page 5 of Restoration

Ideal Motor Co.

Pacific Gas Engine

Unknown Air Cooled Engine & Domestic Model Engines

Moving a 100 Inch diameter Telescope Mirror

Schramm Air Compressor

Duro Water Pump

Ward Drag Saw

Engine Show Fencing

LeRoi MH 3 Engine

60-Inch Telescope Clock Drive

Fairbanks Morse ZD

Unloading Large Engines

1880 "OTTO" Engine

Unknown Vertical Engine

Mitchell Drag Saw with Stover Engine

Clarke "Troller" Outboard Motor

Deming Triplex Pump

Unknown Model - Help ID

Strange Oiler

Producer Gas Plant

Goulds Pumps

WAPA at Knott's Berry Farm

Old Swedish Sawmill Engine


WAPA L. A. County Fair

6 HP. Galloway

Unknown Air Pump

Mt. Wilson Water Well

Banks Gearhead Bash

Old Iron in Death Valley

Bosch Magneto Application

International Harvester M 1 hp.

Domestic Air Cooled

Whittier Truck Show

Engine Hauling Trailer

Cole and Murray Drills and Vises

Ingersoll-Rand Radial Compressor

Wood Engine Cart

Hydraulic Lift Table

Line Shaft Machine Shop

Upland Engine Show

Globe In-ground Auto Hoist

Atlas Imperial Diesel

Old Fairbanks Morse Compressor

United 1 hp Air Cooled Engine

Marine Engine (Midland)

Drag Saws - Comparison of types 

Thrall Marine Engine

Worthington Engine Catalog

Fairbanks Morse Side Shaft

Novo type "S" 1-1/2 hp

Glendora Pumpkin Festival - 2011

Wisconsin Powered Fairbanks Morse Generator

Fairbanks Morse 1924 Pumping Equipment Catalog


Updated: January 16,  2020

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