Being a machinist and having a big interest in F&J I've made a lot of parts for them over the years.  I can make just about any billet part you may need provided I either have one here to copy, have a measured drawing, or you send me your old part to copy.  Some of the many parts I can make are gears, studs, valves, governor shafts and bushings.  I can also rebuild or repair your worn or damaged parts like installing new valve guides, widening piston ring grooves or rebuilding ignitors.  Having castings made is not a problem provided I have a part of drawings to go by.  Due to demand I don't stock most castings, they are a special order item.  All castings and machine work are first class with strict attention paid to making an exact reproduction of the original part.  Parts leaving the shop are often better than they were new with tighter tolerances and better surface finishes.  I can and have done complete engine restorations too.  Contact me and I'll see what I can do to get your F&J back up and running again.

Parts that I have available for sale.  Unless noted all parts and castings are reproductions.

J67 Exhaust Valve Spring    $9.50

J68 Intake valve Spring    $9.50

Set of J67 and J68 Valve Springs    $19

J59 Ignition Timer Flat Spring    $25

2N101 Ignitor Pawl    $20

15K305 Exhaust Valve Spring    $37.50

3K241 Dashpot Valve Dog    $17

3K243 Dashpot Cover    $9

7K248 Dashpot Raw Casting    $30

7K109 Suction Pipe Trap     $60

6N140 Cam Gear Guard    $60