A second attempt to adapt the Farm Pump Engine for other work was the model J. It appears they were built from 1921 until 1938. Four different variations were built. The JA B-1 was air cooled and had a single flywheel, JA B-2 air cooled with 2 flywheels, JW B-1 water cooled single flywheel and JW B-2 water cooled with 2 flywheels. The most popular was the JA B-2 engine. Like the Multimotor many parts were used from the Farm Pumper. The flywheel was changed to a spoke design; Some have two spoke flywheels and a very large pulley on the opposite side, and others have the familiar six spoke design. As with the Multimotor the J was not a big success. Without physically changing the bore of the engine, it was impractical to get 1 1/2 hp out of the design. While most J engines were air cooled, 21 were built as water cooled engines. Like the water cooled Farm Pump Engine, no auxiliary exhaust port was featured; In fact, the water cooled J cylinder was identical to the water cooled Farm Pump Engine. Of interest is that of 143 J engines built, 125 went to two companies. From 1921 to 1925 48 engines were shipped to Ft. Wayne Eng. & Mfg. Co. Ward Love Pump Corp took delivery of 77 engines from 1924 to 1928. What the firms used these engines for is a mystery.