In mid 1913 Fuller & Johnson introduced what was to become their most popular hopper cooled engine, the model N.  The model N was a hopper cooled gasoline engine with "hit & miss" governing.  First made in 1 1/2, 2 1/2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 hp, a 12hp size was later added.  These were re-rated to 1 1/2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12 hp late in 1916 with the 10hp size being dropped.  They differed little from each other except for physical size, the 1 1/2 hp being an exception.  This little engine did not have a water cooled head or fly ball governor.  The cylinder and base were also cast in a single piece.  Over the years of production minor changes were made to these engines.  The position of the oilier changed, so did that of the gear driven magnetos.  The smaller engines of late manufacture had flywheels with a crowned face and were of a smaller diameter.  As time went by the reliable low tension ignition system was replaced with a Wico EK magneto and sparkplug.  A kit was also available to convert low tension engines over to the Wico magneto.  The model N enjoyed immense success, the larger sizes eventually became the model NB while the smaller ones were phased out and replaced by improved designs.  

Standard early 1 1/2hp N with battery and coil ignition.

A factory built 2 wheel hand truck was available for the early engine.

This 4 wheel hand truck proved to be more popular.

3 and 5hp engines could be ordered with their own 4 wheel hand truck.

This 6hp engine is equipped with a geared magneto.

9, 10 and 12hp engines featured a compression release as well as early/late spark advance.

All sizes of the model N could be ordered as a team portable unit.

They could also be ordered as a portable self contained sawrig.

Several styles of sawrigs were available too.

3 to 9hp engines could be shipped as complete heavy duty pumping units.

For permanent indoor use a fuel pump was added along with a N Kerosene mixer which was modified into an overflow mixer.

The late style 2 1/2hp N was quite different than the early 2 1/2hp N introduced 10 yrs prior.