First introduced in June of 1912 the People's Priced line filled a growing demand for a lighter less expensive option to the Double Efficiency line.  Also called the Popular Priced these engines were available in 1 1/4, 2 1/4, 4 and 6hp.  These newly designed, lighter and less expensive engines featured an open crankcase design with a full length base allowing them to be bolted directly to a foundation without the use of skids.  Gone was the headless cylinder with external valve chest of the DE.  Gone too was the overflow mixer and fuel pump.  A simple steel crankguard provided some measure of protection of the rotating parts.  The two smaller sizes used a single piece block/base casting although very late 2 1/4hp engines did have a separate cylinder casting.  Solid hub flywheels were used on the little 1 1/4hp engine which also sported a pivoting governor weight in the flywheel.  The other sizes had two bolt split hub flywheels and a high speed gear driven hit miss governor system.  Low tension battery ignition was standard on all engines with a Pfanstiehl geared magneto being optional equipment.  Although not produced in quantity the People's Priced laid the groundwork for the very popular model N that debuted in mid 1913.

The People's Priced was a remarkably different engine from the Double Efficiency!