Fuller & Johnson first began developing a high speed line of engines in 1923.  This resulted with the introduction of the model AB in 1925.  This 2 cylinder vertical engine was rated at 6-8hp and could be ordered in either hopper or radiator cooled versions.  1928 saw the introduction of the 6hp model AH with the BB, BC, BD and BE following in 1929.  These engines were intended mainly for industrial equipment such as contractor pumps and cement mixers.  1928 also saw Mr. H.L. Horning and Mr. S.A Perkins, president and secretary respectively of Waukesha Motor Co. becoming prominent share holders.  Waukesha began offering increasing help to F&J with their new line of engines.  When problems developed with the model AB's cylinder head, Waukesha allowed use of their patented Ricardo cylinder head for a nominal fee per engine.  They also worked closely with F&J on the AX series which Waukesha called the 3X4.  About 200 were produced by F&J when in Nov of 1930 it was agreed that Waukesha would take over production of the AX, paying F&J for the developmental and tooling costs.  Waukesha would continue to produce this engine for many years.  Tooling costs continued to plague the new engines.  F&J was trying to develop too many models similar in size and power with too many options.  Many models were available with either left or right hand rotation.  Dozens of clutches and reduction drives were offered along with metal enclosures, magneto or battery ignition and electric start options.  It can rightly be said that the immense costs associated with developing these engines coupled with the great depression were directly responsible for Fuller & Johnson's eventual demise.

    Model AH 1cyl 6hp     581 unis

Model AB 2cyl 6-8hp     1690 units

Model BB 2cyl 3-5hp     209 units

Model BC 4cyl 6-10hp     1739 units

Model BD 4cyl 8-2hp     550 units

Model BE 4cyl unk hp     29 units

Model AX 4cyl 20-25hp     ~200 units

The single cylinder model AH was rated at 6hp

The 6-8hp 2 cylinder radiator cooled AH with metal enclosure

The AB was also available in this unusual hopper cooled version

The model BB was a 2 cylinder engine of 3-5hp

A 4 cylinder BC in metal enclosure, it was rated at 6-10hp

Another view of the model BC

This model BC features a distributor with generator and 6V electric starter

The 4 cylinder model AX produced 20-25hp and was later made by Waukesha as the 3X4

At 25-30hp the AXK was the highest rated engine ever made by F&J