Here are some of the Engines and other items in my collection.


  Hercules 1 3/4 hp
Challenge 1 1/2hp Dishpan Hercules 3 hp with Barnes Pump
Challenge 1 1/2 hp Steel Tank  
Challenge 2 hp Cast Tank Nelson Brothers Little Jumbo 1 3/4 hp
Challenge 3hp Steel Tank - Wizard  
Challenge 3hp Cast Tank - Wico  
Challenge 5hp Associated Busy Boy 1 1/2hp
Challenge Hourglass 1 1/2hp Stoveleg  
Challenge Hourglass 1 1/2hp Majestic 2hp
Challenge Hourglass 2hp - Spark Plug in Head  
Challenge Hourglass 2 or 3hp  
Challenge Hourglass 4hp Sandwich 1 1/2hp Webster
Challenge Hourglass 6hp Sandwich 2 1/2hp Webster
Challenge Hourglass 8 or 10hp Sandwich / Pine Tree Milker
Appleton 3hp  
Appleton 4hp New Idea Vari Speed
Appleton 6hp  
  Fuller & Johnson 2 1/4hp Peoples Priced
Taylor Vacuum Engine 2hp Type B  
Taylor Vacuum Engine 2 hp Type C  
  Gade 1 1/2hp Type C
Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2 hp Dishpan  
Maytag Upright Motor
Fairbanks Morse 2hp w/Humdinger Pump Various Maytag Motors
  Model Engines and Motors
Independent Harvester 3hp  
Independent Harvester 4hp Sideshaft Globe Engine


Model Engines - Toys & Replicas


The Following Engines are Available  Email Me For Details
Stover 1 1/2hp KE

Hercules Powered Cement Mixer

Click Here to See My Father's Collection

Economy - Jim Dandy Garden Tractor

Engine Related Equipment

Engine Catalogs and Original Paper

Avery 8-16 Project

Challenge Engine Photo Page

Compare the Taylor Vacuum Engine and the Challenge Dishpan Engine

Some of My Model Farm Tractors

Construction Equipment Photos

Flat Rock Illinois Oil Fields - 35hp Superior

Engines that were in my collection, but have moved on to new homes

John Deere 1 1/2 Type E Fuller & Johnson 2hp ND
IH LA 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hp United 2 1/2 HP Hit-n-Miss Engine
Rock Island 2 1/2 hp Economy 5hp
International LB with Pump Jack  Engine
Fuller & Johnson 1 1/2hp
Frost King Jr. 1 1/2hp R&V 2hp
IH 3 hp M IH 1 1/2hp M
Associated Johnny Boy 1 1/2hp Monmouth 1 3/4hp (Nelson Bros)
David Bradley Garden Tractor's New Idea 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hp Vari-Speed Type 2 Engine
Rawleigh Schryer 1 1/2 - Needs Parts Rawleigh 2 1/2hp
Stover 2hp KA
Hercules 1 3/4 hp with Barnes Pump
Fairbanks Morse 4hp Upright Economy 2 1/2hp D
Myrick Eclipse 4 hp Hot Tube Sparta 2 1/2hp
New Idea Vari Speed Sparta Economy 2 1/2hp
Cushman 8hp Challenge 1 1/2 hp Dishpan
  Challenge 3hp - converted to Spark Plug
Woodpecker Sandwich 1 1/2hp WICO EK


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