Farm Equipment and other Interesting Items


Appleton Corn Chopper My Father's Tractor and Engines
Appleton #3 Burr Mill More Tractors
Appleton #5 Burr Mill Rope Machines
Challenge Burr Mill Jensen Oil Field Pump Jack
Majestic Hand Grinder / Mill  
Viking Water Pump  
Appleton Royal Corn Sheller  
Appleton New Badger Corn Sheller (2hole)  
Misc Hand Corn Shellers  
Hand Water Pumps  
Speed Jacks  
Appleton Husker Shredder  


Burr Mill and Grinder - Original Catalog Scans from My Collection


Batavia Factories and Windmills


Cadet 76 Lawn and Garden Tractor - Sold


Schaumburg, IL Construction Site Pictures


Dirt Moving by Ryan Central


Miscellaneous Pictures of Farm, Construction Equipment



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