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I try to collect Literature about these old Engines.  They can explain a lot about the transformation of a company and what they sold along with Stationary Engines.

AmericanThreshermanCover.jpg 34Kb American Thresherman and Farm Power - April 1920

AppletonHusker.jpg 21Kb Appleton Huskers 

 AppletonLetter.jpg 25Kb Appleton Letter of Correspondence 1910

Challenge82a.jpg 17Kb Challenge82b.jpg 22Kb Challenge82c.jpg 24Kb Challenge Catalog #82 - July 1920

 CrayToolsCover.jpg 31Kb CrayWeber1a.jpg 38Kb CrayWeber1b.jpg 24Kb Cray Bros - 1905 - Weber Engines

newway1a.jpg 20Kb newway1b.jpg 27Kb newway1c.jpg 24Kb newway1d.jpg 25Kb newway1e.jpg 28Kb New Way Engines

RichmondEngineandPump.jpg 21Kb Richmond Engine and Pump Envelope

ScientificAmericanCover.jpg 29Kb ScientificAmerican1a.jpg 47Kb ScientificAmerican1b.jpg 50Kb  Scientific American - Advertisement for Otto, Thomas Cane, Weber

StandardHusker.jpg 37Kb US Standard Husker - US Wind and Pump Company

stover1a.jpg 31Kb stover1b.jpg 26Kb Stover - Samson Windmills


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